Thursday, February 26, 2009

Acrylic and Steel

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Knives AR 22-23

AR22 - 7 ¾” overall, 3 5/8” blade. Blade: 1095 high carbon steel, small utility knife. Hidden tang. Water buffalo horn guard. Myrtlewood handle, mild steel pins.

AR23 - 7 ¼” overall, 3 1/8” blade. Blade: 1095 high carbon steel, small utility knife. Hidden tang. Deer antler bolster. Striped Ebony handle, mild steel pins. 2 pictures.

A letter opener, DSK4, knives AR20-21

Letter Opener 6 9” overall, 5” blade. Blade: Copper. Full tang. Guard: Holly with mild steel pins. Handle: Cholla skeleton w/black inlace. Pommel: Holly with mild steel pins.

DSK4 8 ¾” overall, 3 3/8” blade. Blade: High speed steel from diamond saw blade, small chefs knife. Hidden Tang. No guard. Handle: Mexican Ebony. Nickel silver corby rivet and steel pin. Red inlace filler.

AR20 - 6 ¾” overall, 2 5/8” blade. Blade: 1095 high carbon steel, mini-skinner. Full tang. Bronze guard. Banksia pod handle with black inlace, brass pin.

AR21 - 8 ½” overall, 4 ¾” blade. Blade: 1095 high carbon steel, mini-chefs knife. Full tang. Brass guard. Lignum Vitae handle, with brass tubes and pin.

Knives 17-19

AR17 – 10 5/16” overall, 5 3/8” blade. Blade O1 steel, hidden tang. Guard: Nickel-silver. Handle: Snakewood, Nickle-silver corby rivet. Finished with Teak oil.

AR18 – 8” overall, 3 ½” blade. Blade 1095 steel, full tang. No Guard. Handle: Lignum vitae, marble, mild steel pins. Finished with Teak oil.

AR19 – 13 ¾” overall, 8” blade. Blade 1095 steel. Hidden through tang. No Guard. Handle: Waterbuffalo horn, Stag antler. Pommel: Water Buffalo horn.

Knives 13-16

AR13 – 11 ½” overall, 6 ¼” blade. Blade: 1095 steel, fighter, hidden tang. Mild steel guard. Handle:Vulcanized spacer, mild steel, black and white ebony, Ancient Kauri. Mild steel pins. Finished with clear gloss polyurethane. Pommel: Vulcanized spacer, mild steel, black and white ebony.

AR 14 –sold- 3 5/8” overall, 1 5/8” blade. Blade: O1 steel, hidden tang. No guard. Handle: Desert Ironwood, Brass Corby rivet and pin. No pommel.

AR 15 – 9 1/8” overall, 3 3/4” blade. Blade: 1095 steel, exaggerated scimitar, hidden tang. Guard: Agatized Fossil. Handle: Spalted Curly Maple, Vulcanized spacer, Blue Mahoe, Brass Corby rivets. Finished with clear gloss polyurethane.No pommel.

AR16 –11 ¼” overall, 5 ½” blade. Blade 1095 steel, tanto style, hidden, through tang. Guard: Ground bronze. Handle: Black Palm, brass corby rivet. Finished with clear gloss polyurethane. Pommel: Ground Bronze, Brass eyelet, bronze dust and epoxy, solder.

Knives 9-12

AR 9 - 9 ¾” overall, 4 7/8” blade. Blade 1095 steel, hidden tang, hybrid wharncliffe-drop point hunter. Guard: Copper. Handle: Figured bubinga, stacked leather, dyed epoxy.

Sheath: 8oz folded leather, glued and sewn. Dyed saddle tan. Copper rivets.

AR 10 – made for Amy Raymond. 12 3/16” overall, 6 7/8” blade. Blade: O1 7/16” round stock, exposed tang, ritual knife-scimitar blade. Guard: Sterling Silver. Handle: Myrtlewood with Lapis Lazuli insets. Pommel: O1 with Lapis Lazuli.

Case- Holly sided box with Blue Mahoe top and bottom, Myrtlewood accents. Copper pins. Black silk lining. Finished with Teak oil. Gloss polyurethane coat.

AR 11 – 12 3/8” overall, 7 1/8” blade. Blade: 1095 steel, double edged dagger, hidden tang. Guard: Ebony and coccobollo. Handle: Birds eye maple and ebony. Finished with teak oil.

Sheath: 8oz folded leather, glued and sewn. Dyed saddle tan. Copper rivets.

AR12 – 7” overall, 2 7/8” blade. Blade: 1095 steel, utility knife, exposed tang. Guard: Brass. Handle: Coccobolo, finished with teak oil.

Sheath: 8oz. folded leather, glued and sewn. Dyed black. Copper rivets.

Knives 5-8

AR5 – 10 ¼” overall, 4 ¾” blade. Blade: 1095 High-carbon steel. Scimitar point hunter. Hidden tang. Hand filed work on spine. Handle: Ebony and steel spacers, Lignum Vitae scales around ebony core. Guard: hand filed design in high carbon steel. Stainless Corby rivet holding handle together. Blade and handle finished to 600 grit, plus 0000 steel wool., blade polished a little more than usual. Handle sealed with 3 coats min-wax rub-on polyurethane, with steel wool in between.

Blade refinished with buffing wheel.

Original Handle removed, replaced with: ebony, cow bone, ebony bolster, cholla cactus skeleton, filled with Inlace epoxy resin (black). Ebony pommel with bone plug.

Sheath – Hand stitched 3oz leather at tip and top, edges seared, treated with neatsfoot oil. Middle layer dyed bison leather, suede-side out. Interior – red oak.

AR6 - 8” overall, 4 ¼” blade. Blade 1095 Steel, drop point hunter, hidden tang. Guard: Brass, leather, brass. Handle: Picasso marble scales with laced leather strap (dyed saddle leather brown).

Sheath: Wood core, 5oz leather outer, stitched on both edges, dyed saddle leather brown, Picasso marble teardrop inlay.

AR7 – 11 3/8” overall, 6” blade. Blade 1095 steel. Hidden tang. Guard: shaped mild steel. Handle: Padauk, applewood, inlace, tigereye. Pommel: Paduak, tigereye. Revised and reshaped:

New AR7 (below)- A bit shorter overall, dimensions to come. Revised shape. Revised guard. New handle of redwood burl.

Sheath, 8oz. folded leather, copper rivets, waxed cotton saddlestitch.

New Sheath, 8oz folded leather, steel rivets, natural sinew stitching. Leather dyed prairie tan.

AR8 – 11” overall, 5 ¾” blade. Blade 1095 steel, sub-hilt fighter, hidden tang. Guard: Gibeon meteorite, filed copper with Inlace, ebony with amber inlay in finger grove, copper. Handle: lignum vitae scales with Nickel silver corby rivet. Pommel: copper, ebony, copper, meteorite, with amber inlay.

Sheath: 8oz folded leather, glued. Sewn leather straps for horizontal hang on belt.