Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Welcome 2012

I wrote this blog a while ago, before the last one I posted actually - but never got around to posting it. Probably because I like to have pictures and this doesn't have any. Oh well.
Here it is anyway. At least three full months late.

I swear that that was the shortest year ever. If I wrote checks, I think that I would still be trying to remember if it was 2010 or 2011, and now it’s 2012. Despite that, I lot happened...

Autumn turned 3 years old.

Penelope was born.

I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out.

Erica’s business was booming. Pretty much every month was better than the one before it – a little dip for Penelope’s birth, but lots of business. Christmas season this year was scary. Thank you Alex for helping to make it possible.

We bought a house! And mostly moved in. Mostly it’s Erica and my workrooms that need moving at this point, we’ll work on those this weekend I suppose. Hard to want to go back to the old place though. We picked up some cheap and awesome new furniture from consignment shops – higher quality and cheaper than anything you can buy new!

There was a big drought – leaving Albuquerque the driest it has been in at least 50 years. This made for some challenges out on Laguna, but didn’t seem to have much impact on life in town – other than me missing the rain.

There were some big Snow Storms in Laguna! – But they barely touched ABQ, so I got a few snow days in December, but could still get around just fine in town. Nice!

I finished 5 knives all year. Pretty pathetic, especially since I got a new gas forge! – I do have a lot of partially completed ones, but finishing is a bit more of a challenge these days. Maybe with the additional space in the new house I can get a little more accomplished. We’ll see.

I did do quite a bit of woodworking this year – a bunch of pens, some shaving brushes, and miscellaneous other little projects. I have some ideas for more, but without insulation it’s hard to convince myself to work in the shop – or to take care of the kids when Erica is busy.

Maybe next time I'll add some pictures in again :)