Monday, August 11, 2008

A new Dagger and a couple of bearings

Good Morning - well, for those of us currently on the west coast.
For your viewing pleasure today we have: A new dagger, and a couple more bearing pendants on different necklaces. Hmm, that would be IF i remembered to take those pictures...
Anyway - now I've taken the pics.

SS2 – unavailable. 10 ¾” overall, 4 15/16” blade. Blade: 154cm stainless steel, rondel dagger. Hidden tang. Brass and Holly Guard and Pommel. Lacewood and Leopardwood. Leather sheath. 8/1/08.

The bearing pendants of the day are a carnelian centerpiece with the bearing ground down to show the actual bearings on magnetic wire, and a lapiz and brass on a solid choker.

The lapiz still needs a little polishing.

I'm working on another folding knife too, but I'm not sure if I will get that done before I head off to Texas on Wednesday.

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