Saturday, May 29, 2010


We went camping up in the Jemez Mountains last weekend, and climbing, and sight-seeing. Autumn came along of course, so did our friend Jon “Rocketpants”, and his dog Melvin. We were out of cell phone range for most of the weekend, which was kind of nice; and a little nerve-wracking since there was a work issue that was ongoing. We all survived without our electric leashes though.



Autumn was a little afraid when we arrived at the Redondo Campground, it was dark and different, and we didn’t bring enough blankets, so it was a little cold for Erica and me. Autumn doesn’t take up that much blanket, but it was enough to take it away from the two of us. I ended up wearing my jacket to keep warm. We bought a couple more blankets for the next night.


So, after very little sleep the first night, we had bacon and eggs and hot chocolate (or coffee) for breakfast, and headed out to go climbing at Los Conchas. It was already pretty busy when we got there, and the route that I wanted to go up was occupied, so I picked a line that had an easy looking beginning…and it was for the first two bolts, easy enough that I wouldn’t have felt uncomfortable without a rope. Then it got hard. The headwall was pretty much vertical with small and reachy holds. After a lot of struggle I made it up, and set up a top-rope for Erica and ‘pants. I haven’t been able to figure out what the route was rated, it’s not in either guidebook, and I can’t find anything on-line either. Now I really want to know, since I felt pretty wrecked after that one climb.


We did the garden wall after that, without too much difficulty on anyone’s part, then repacked everything, and wandered along the stream, had some lunch, continued on, ‘pants and I climbed on “the sponge” and then we called it a day as far as climbing went. Autumn enjoyed playing in the stream, Melvin enjoyed the spontaneous “dog parties”. Autumn also enjoyed sitting on Melvin.

Autumn on Melvin

We headed off to the unusual town of Los Alamos after that, to pick up gas and let Autumn sleep.

Then a little more hiking, where we lost the trail almost immediately, tried again, then practiced cartwheels in a meadow for a bit before heading back to camp.

Dinner was burgers and brats, and beer, corn on the cob and FIRE! I love camp fires. We played with Rocketpants’ firestarter for a while then cheated and used a lighter out of laziness. Eventually it was bedtime and we spent a slightly warmer night with our new blankets.


Sunday we got up a little later, had bacon and eggs and FIRE! For breakfast, then packed up the camp, and headed to Jemez Falls for a little while, where Autumn threw her bottle down the falls. Bad Girl! After that we headed to Bandolier National Monument, and unfortunately they don’t really allow dogs, so ‘pants and Melvin left us, and Erica Autumn and I toured the place. It was pretty fascinating, but I was pretty tired too. So was Autumn, so I got to carry her a lot. She still walks kinda slow too. I suspect Erica will write a little more about Bandolier in her post over on Acrylicandsteel.

After Bandolier we headed home, had some spaghetti for dinner, and called it a night.

Not sure how something can be rejuvenating and exhausting at the same time, but that was what the weekend was all about.

Kiva Ladder


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camping is so much fun...especially when the weather is nice =)