Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Knives!

OK, some of them are really old – like AR32 for example (on the right), which I’m pretty sure I started in 2008 – But it’s done now, and even has a sheath.

AR32 – Moonstone Dagger

4 7/8” Blade made of hand-forged O1 tool steel. 10 ¾” overall length. The guard is made from a piece of Gibeon meteorite, the handle is Gabon ebony held together with stainless steel pins. There is a moonstone cabochon set in the pommel end (although you can’t see it in this pic).

With it is AR 40 (on the left), which I think will be a necklace dagger – that is what it was designed as at least.

AR40 has a 2 7/8” blade made of file steel, and is 6 ½” overall. Some of the file cuts are still visible on one side. The handle is also Gabon ebony, and it is held together with brass and mosaic pins.

I also finally finished up the toffee and oyster knives for Teddystartedit. She sent me the English walnut that the toffee knives and their blade guards are made of. The are intended to be used to break up huge quantities of walnut toffee next month.

Walnut Toffee Knives – Both of these are about 6 ½” overall with approximately 3 ½” blades. I turned the handles from English walnut. The ferrules are made of bearing bronze, with a black vulcanized spacer for contrast, mosaic pins, and an onyx cabochon set in the end of each.

The Pear Oyster Knife is also about 6 ½” overall, with a 3 ¼” blade. The handle is turned from fruiting pear – which is very pleasant to work with! Its ferrule is ebony, and has a mosaic pin as an accent.

Next is AR45 – and I’m not really sure what to call it, but it works very well on leather, and has a good mass to it in the hand.

AR45 – unusual kitchen knife.

The 3” blade is has some forging scale left on, and is made of 1080 high carbon steel. It is 8 ¼” overall with a full tang. The handle is cocobolo, with copper pins and tubing. Its stand is also cocobolo.

Then AR46 – Tulip carver. It has a 2 ¼” blade of Cru Forge V, and is 6 ¾” overall. Its handle is tulipwood and is held together with brass Loveless bolts. I haven’t figured out what to do about a stand or sheath for it.

AR47 is sitting in my kitchen working as a paring knife.

It is made from an old file, and the hamon stands out on occasion, but not in all pictures. It has a 3” blade and is 8 3/8” overall. The handle is figured bocote, and it has stainless pins.

Last but not least for this post is the Tactical Hunter AR48. It’s 4 ½” blade is forged from CPM S35VN stainless steel, an is 10 1/8” overall. The blade is coated with a matte black finish called Gunkote. The guard and acorn nuts are copper. The handle is made of black canvas micarta.

And I think that’s all for now. Still a lot left on the bench though!



Everett said...

Ar40 is an exceptional design. I like it a lot. Clean and to the point.


Maragret Eckel said...

I was eyeballing some of your smaller knives, in particular your "Pruning" knife and the Banksia knife on Etsy.
I'm launching a site for gardeners for all things handmade, and wondering if you'd like to post your knives there at If you'd like info, email me at