Sunday, November 28, 2010

On the 11th month of 2010, my workshop gave to me…

One month ago I posted the Blackthorn Knife, which is winging its way off to Australia. I can’t believe it’s been a month. I can’t actually believe that 2010 is almost over either, I feel like it just got here. Oh well. It’s been a good year.

These days I have a hard time remembering what I did a half hour ago, let alone a month, but I’ve definitely made some knife progress.

I finished up a few revisions – most notably AR36, which I think will still change a little - I want to do a little wood burning on the handle...

AR36 Pear handled Chef's knife

and AR39,

AR39 - Sycamore and Amaranth Fighter - Leaf Spring Knife

completed a new Kukri-Machete (AR52),

AR52 - Curly Maple Kukri

a set of two chef’s knives(AR53 and 54 and their blocks),

AR53 - 6" Chefs Knife - Marblewood handle, Oak and Coccobolo Block

AR54 Redwood Burl 6" Chefs Knife, Rock Maple and Cherry Block

made Creepy Cleaver Mk II (Monster Cleaver!(AR55)),

9 1/2" Monster Cleaver - Staghorn Sumac Handle

am making slow progress on John from New Jersey’s blue stainless bowie and threw a couple new irons in the fire (Bigger Chef’s knife , probably paring knife, another mid-size kitchen knife and a hunting knife).

I am also continuously amazed at how dirty my hands get, even after washing a few times, using pumice soap and all that, and they still have little tiny metal bits in all the pores and crevices.


That's all for now folks.

Happy Holidays, and hopefully I will have more to share before Christmas!


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