Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From the bench - Mid January

I had a pretty good weekend in the shop. Actually got to fire up the forge TWICE!

Now I don’t know if my shoulder is sore from the tetanus shot or the forging J

I put together a couple of stock removal stainless blades, and heat treated them: one dagger (CPM154), one small clip-point (S35VN). I don’t know why I keep working on daggers, since they are such a pain in the butt, but I do anyway. I’ve got some ideas for this one – possibly a cholla handle with crushed turquoise and copper powder in the gaps, maybe a little ebony and a carved copper guard. We’ll see what actually happens. No real designs yet on the clip point.

Also heat treated another old file knife – this one is looking kind of like a steak knife. The jury is still out though.

Upside down...

I also started a couple of forging projects, one in CPM154 – probably a santoku, and one in Cru Forge V – small hunter. I have plans for both of them – one is a gift. The other I am thinking of a cord wrapped handle.

I also cast my bronze into a bar. I will try forging it next time. I hope it moves pretty well and doesn’t just crack and shatter. We’ll see.

I also (finally) added the stems to the pear knife stand.

Now if I can just finish the stand of the Manzanita Chef’s Knife…

There's more, but its a secret....


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