Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Almost nameless post, now with pointless name :)

The beginning of April 2012 already, kind of amazing.

I never posted a blog about moving into the new house, no new pictures of my new workspace, nothing.

I'll blame all that on work, since I was leaving before real light and getting back after dark, things just didn't lend themselves to a strong desire to do more work, especially after taking care of the kids, and having dinner, and sometimes running errands, and occasionally getting some sleep.

Now that time has changed (a couple weeks ago already) there is a little more time in the evening to get a little bit of work done - so I've been really productive right?


We did start to put a vegetable garden in the back yard, and some other yard work though :)
And dealt with a little plumbing issue.

The shop is a little better organized, and I've played with the Lathe once or twice, but very little else. I bought a hollow grinder around Christmas so that I can make straight razors, but haven't even opened the box yet.

I added a guard to Uncle Jed's Country Skinner - not too exciting, but functional.

I also picked up a Spyderco Mule Team Blade - the concept is good - they put out blanks of different metals to give people the opportunity to test them out - everything else is identical. And of course, it is up to you to put the handle on. Which I just started to do yesterday.

The one I picked up is Cruwear, which in theory was designed to be a perfect knife steel with excellent sounding chemistry:


I also finally got around to putting together the Bighorn folder that I picked up a long time ago. Its a nicely shaped simple single blade lockback folder. I put salt cedar (tamarisk) scales on it, which look pretty nice, in my opinion at least. It went together well enough that I may do a couple more at some point. At least until I decide that I need to start machining my own, with a bunch of tools that I don't have.

If I don't post this now, I probably won't get to it for another three months.
Until then...

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