Friday, May 30, 2014

A Bunch of Knives

A Bunch of Knives

Good Afternoon Everyone, I had a couple of spare hours so I thought I would catch up and finish off a few knives. For most of them, the backdrop is my lovely, clean, blacksmithing apron.

Large Tanto, W2 steel with hamon, 17" overall, 10" blade, Canarywood handle with carved titanium guard, brass Raaen Star in the pommel, and copper and brass pins.

Simple blade knife. CPM154 stainless steel, 10 3/4" overall, 4 1/4" blade, Cholla filled with black epoxy handle, brass guard with brass Raaen Star in center.  I will probably add a brass pommel, and repost a new picture.

Kindjal, 1084 high carbon steel, 20" overall, 14" blade, Tineo handle, Brass guard, Brass Loveless bolt, and copper and brass pins.

Paring Knife, 1095 high carbon steel, 8 1/4" overall 3 5/8" blade, Oak handle with stainless steel Loveless bolts.

Mini-Kindjal, 1084 high carbon steel, 10 1/2" Overall, 5 3/8" Blade, White Linen Micarta Handle, Brass Guard with black spacer , Brass Raaen star pins and powdered turquoise accents

Small knife, CPM 154 stainless steel, 8 1/4" overall, 3 1/2" blade, Redheart handle with Stainless steel Loveless bolts.

Drop Point Knife, W2 Steel, 10 3/8" Overall, 4 1/4" Blade, Wrought Iron Guard, Teak Handle with Stainless steel Loveless bolts.

Paring Knife, 1095 high carbon steel, 8" overall 3 1/8" blade, Rosewood handle, Stainless steel Loveless bolts.

I also modified a Kershaw Antelope Hunter II that I found broken on the road. I need to clean up the blade before posting that.

And put together my first multi-blade folding knife kit.  I put the blades in all wrong.  Better luck next time. I'll get it up eventually too.

Some of them have been mostly done for some time, just needing their numbers and hallmarks, but it still felt like progress to "finish" them all.

Hopefully I will have a progress update on my Salt Cedar Bow soon, I just got in the fiberglass for backing it, and the epoxy should be in early next week.

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