Friday, June 19, 2015


It’s all Erica’s fault.  Some time ago she started getting a gift box subscription.  It is a monthly box (and payment) that comes in the mail with makeup stuff she likes.  We wondered what other subscription boxes were out there…turns out that there are about a bazillion. I finally found one that didn’t cost too much and looked pretty good…Kinderbox.

Now, if you are German, or took German, or speak German or read it, you’ll ask, why would you want a box of children? I certainly don’t, I have two already.  I don’t really know what the madness behind the name is, but my guess is something to do with a Tinderbox, and really, the packing material inside kind of makes you think of that.

So far its been socks, firestarters, meat snacks, knives, socks, hygiene products, and a few other miscellaneous things - like meat tenderizer brass knuckles!

I think I am on my 6th box now, and although there have been better and worse boxes, they have all been pretty fun. 







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Erica said...

I thought it was called Tinderbox ?