Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Christmas Knives

Howdy folks, I've been a little lax about posting lately, so I thought that I would put in an update.
So, here is the folder that I made for my grandpa. It was my first one, and most firsts are a bit of a pain. It was also my first damascus knife. You should be able to see a little bit of the damascus pattern in the blade on in the half open picture. I did some filework on the spine and blued everything. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The specs are:

F1 – unavailable. 7” open, 4 1/8” closed. Blade: Thunderforged Damascus Twist. Liner lock drop point folder. Blued steel liners. Heat blued, hand-filed spine. Stainless screws. Madrone burl scales.

I also made a different kitchen knife for my mom. I decided that she didn't want to worry about tarnishing from cutting acidic foods, so I bought a piece of 154CM stainless and went to work. She tells me that it works very well and is staying sharp and clean. I made a nice block to hold it out of some Purple heart wood, but havn't put in a picture of that, since I don't think it is very exciting.
The specs for this one are:

SS1 – unavailable. 8 ½” overall, 4 ¾” blade. Blade: 154CM stainless steel, mini-chefs knife. Full tang. No guard. Curly maple handle, with mild steel pins. 12/16/2007. Purple heart knife block.

So, two firsts for christmas, my first Stainless steel, and my first folder. Go me. Now I am on temporary hiatus while the job search process goes on, but I do have lots of knew blades that are waiting for handles. I just have to get around to putting them all together.

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