Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New knives for the new year

So here's the new knives as of mid-february. 26 and 27 are gifts now you you are out of luck there, as for 24 and 25, I still haven't figured out pricing, so make an offer if you are interested.

AR24 – 6 ¼”overall, 3” blade. Blade: O1 tool steel, blacksmith knife. Heat colored twisted steel handle. 2/11/08

AR25 – 6 ¼” overall, 2 ½” blade. Blade: 1095 high carbon steel, small utility knife. Full tang. Redheart and pine burl handle, leather spacer. Brass Pins. Gloss polyurethane finish. 2/12/08

AR26 – Winds of Change. 8 ¾” overall, 4 ¼” blade. Blade: 1095 high carbon steel, drop point hunter. Hidden tang. Engraved copper bolster. Spalted curly maple and Russian Olive handle. Brass pin. 2/12/08

AR27 – 9 ½”overall, 4 ¾” blade. Blade: O1 tool steel, light scimitar curve. Hidden tang. Bloodwood and copper bolster. Cholla and tuscan red inlace handle. Bloodwood and Copper pommel with inlaid carnelian bead. 2/17/08

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