Thursday, November 12, 2009

Revisions and progress

Sorely out of practice, I at least have my forge up and running again, and have several pieces nearly ready to have handles put on. Naturally, I don't have pictures to put up for you yet. I had some issues with quenching this time around, with more warping than I am used to, but despite all that, I think the products will be interesting.

I've also just finished a revision of AR7, which I was never really happy with. The new version is less complex but feels better in the hand, is put together a little better, and is (in my opinion) prettier too. I reshaped the blade some, and replaced the handle - which was very narrow, with a piece of redwood burl. I'll post pictures of that soon.

Thirdly, I bought a small lathe. Not quite sure how I will use it in terms of knife making, but hopefully I will manage to post some bowls and vases before too long. And maybe a walking stick or two, if I ever get around to trying that.

Anyway, I hope to have some new pictures up here and on Acrylicandsteel sometime soon.

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