Monday, November 30, 2009

Pictures from the lathe

Hmmm... This post was supposed to go to Acrylic and Steel, and the one there was supposed to go to Hangedman....oh well.

I did promise some pictures from my garage projects, so I’ll give you some of the lathe projects.

If you are more interested in the knives, check out the acrylicandsteel page.

The first project after getting the lathe was to build Autumn a table. So I turned a few 2x2’s into legs. Each one is different.

Then I grabbed a small log of Russian olive and started a vase. I haven’t managed to clean out the inside yet due to some wobble. I think I know how to deal with that now, so I’ll have to throw it back on and hollow it out one of these days. Here it is with its base still attached and a layer of finish on it, just to see how it will look later.

I’ve played with a few other pieces, a 4x4 and some purpleheart as mentioned earlier, but the most fun has been this salt cedar root. Here are a couple phases – naturally I don’t have a good before picture. Sorry.

Prior to hollowing

Post hollowing

Here it is with some finish (Mosler Oil/Wax). It’s a pretty and unique little bowl. Still needs the bottom to be finished up, and the base removed, but that shouldn’t take too long.

Oh yes, I did mention that I had cleaned up an old Boy Scout knife from Cousin Chuck – again didn’t take pictures first – someday I’ll learn. But this is how it turned out. I had to rebuild the sheath, but I think that I captured the character, and I reused the front piece to retain the original look and leatherworking. And I didn’t really change anything about the knife – just polished it up, and took away most of the rust, and sharpened it up again. Hopefully the original maker (or manufacturer) isn’t offended.

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