Monday, January 11, 2010

An excellent weekend for knives

It was a good knife weekend, I have three that I am almost ready to show and I’ve got one poor quality phone pic to post a little further down in this blog.

The hunting knife with olivewood handle that I managed to get rusty on the trip to Michigan is back in shape, and almost ready for pictures. I’ll probably finish its sheath first though – it is together, just needs to be oiled to be done. Maybe one more coat of finish on the handle too, and a few final passes with some 1500 and 2000 grit sandpaper on the blade. And final sharpening.

The Scalpel is almost done too. Again it needs one more coat of finish, and final sharpening. It is ebony with a mosaic pin. Looks pretty.

I hope to be able to take pictures on Thursday for both of them, and then post either Thursday night or Friday.

The kitchen chopper needs an edge, and I need to stamp it, but otherwise is finished! It doesn’t look quite like the original, but that’s ok I think, it was made in the spirit of the original. Hopefully the future owner will like it as much or better.

Heres the original:

And here is my rendition:

Another interesting aspect of this one is the requested edge, “Sharp enough to cut vegetables, but not skin”. In my opinion as a cook, the sharper the knife the better, it means less force needed to cut anything in particular, and the less force you use, the less likely to lose control of the knife. I’ll do my best to comply though, and will try to make it easy to put a real edge on if that is ever desired.

I’ve also got a couple more kitchen knives that are getting closer to completion. One stainless, and one with my new Cru-forge V steel, they are still a little ways off though.



Bethany Dirksen said...

Oooooohhhhh....I get it. That's beautiful and I bet it works wonderfully! Very nice work.

Hyla said...