Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhogs Day Blues

Happy Groundhog Day. Can’t say that I think about it that much, but I do enjoy the movie every few years. I guess that Phil saw his shadow, and winter is supposed to hang around. Doesn’t much bother me either way. Hmm. I sound like I’m in a funk. Very blah. Let’s see if I can do a little better….

Erica is home and healing quickly, which is awesome. Things are moving along at work and Friday is payday…that’s always good. Autumn appears to be cutting a few more teeth which is both good and bad. She has been a little fussy over the last few days. But she sure is cute!

I haven’t had much chance to work in the shop, but of course there are some projects on the bench. I haven’t been too inspired on jewelry lately, so it is all knives at the moment, and mostly kitchen knives at that. Not that there aren’t some older unfinished projects, the same kukri and two daggers that have been there for a long time, but back to the kitchen knives. I’ve got a chef’s knife, a Japanese style chopper, and two carving/steak knives going right now. The first two are about ready for handles to be put on. The second two need some more forging and grinding.

This is what those two look like after the first forging and first grinding session.

I’ll probably draw out the blades just a touch more, and the handles need some drawing and shaping. Hopefully I’ll get to that sometime soon. Need more charcoal for the forge first though. I ran out again. Oh, and I need time, ran out of that again too…

Have a merry, happy, Groundhogs day!

And I’ll try to do better J


Erica said...

It is hard to get much done when baby duty doubles for a while :)

love you sweetie.

Alice Istanbul said...

Cool knives! I love the name Autumn. And Happy Groundhog's Day to you, too (one day late). Don't worry, summer will be here before you know it.