Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting Closer...

After a couple weekends I have a few products available for listing on the future etsy store.  I’ll be pulling out old stock as well of course, and have a variety of other things to make before Erica takes nice pictures of things, but here are a couple samples.

 Shaving soap bowls, razor and matching stand and bolt action pens...
 And more razors, stands and pens.

 One of my challenges is remembering or figuring out what type of wood I made things out of – especially when it’s one that I don’t use often, or is an old scrap of something that I made a long time ago.  Some woods are pretty unique and don’t cause me issues, but as I expand my wood turnings, I am experimenting with more than I’m used to.  I’m also developing allergies to some of them – not a surprise when it comes to Cocobolo, but definitely a surprise for the Blood wood.  I am now intimidated by my block of Rengas, which has a warning on the wood indicating that it is related to Poison Ivy/Oak and has similar compounds.  Where is my Tyvek suit when I need it?  And fully enclosed respirator?

I’m also learning that getting a nice even hollow grind is hard, not sure how many straight razors I will ever end up with, but at least I started J

After stringing the bow I made Autumn, I tried it with a real arrow, and snapped it in half.  With a little work, it became a takedown longbow, and works just fine.  Her technique leaves a little to be desired, but she’s working on it!

That's all for now folks.

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