Saturday, March 27, 2010

Progress for Saturday

Howdy y’all,

So progress has been pretty good.

I’ve pretty much finished the knife part of the Australian Camp Knife. I’d show you, but it’s still classified.

I’ve pretty much finished the Bdoodles inspired kitchen knife.

The Lord of the Rings Machete is also about done.

Found a better bit to carve in the Hangedmandesigns logo too. Erica has the camera, so I apologize for the marginal camera phone pictures...

All of these need a few more coats of finish on the handles. Otherwise I would call them finished.

I have designs on two of my unfinished daggers for the weekend too. The little one will get a pretty simple handle, and the big one still needs some scratch removal. I may get to that one. We’ll see.

I showed a couple of friends the forge and let them bang on some metal today also.

I plan on firing up the forge tomorrow too. The creepy cleaver is coming along, and I’d like to bang on the two Puukko’s that I have going a bit too.

Although its nice to get things done in the shop, I miss Erica and Autumn. Even with all of he mantastic things I did today, its not the same as having my wonderful family here with me.

Mantastic events of the day: Shop time, Albuquerque Pork and Brew (7th Annual), shop demonstrations for the boys (lathe and forge), Mixed Martial Arts (111th Ultimate fighting championship at the bar.)

Pretty manspectacular really, but lacking in the wonderful wife category. Boo.

Hope to have more for you soon,


1 comment:

NJJ said...

Sounds like a pretty excellent day, in my books.

The machete is coming along nicely, I really like the simplicity of it.