Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 2010 in like a Lion

Yesterday, March 31 – 80 degrees, today April 1, 50 and dropping with 35 mile per hour winds. That makes it pretty dusty out here in the desert.

Erica and Autumn made it back from Savannah yesterday, hurray! They had a good time out there and got to play in the ocean a little bit. I got quite a bit of work done too. Now I just need to take some pictures now that the camera is back.

Presuming I manage to do that as soon as I get home and post this tonight, I will go on….

From biggest to smallest in the almost done catagory:

LOR Machete (AR39)– still needs a few coats of finish, and a little polishing and an edge, and a sheath I suppose.

Australian Camp knife (NRJJ) – needs an edge, a lanyard and a sheath.

Kitchen slicer (AR38) – a stand or block

Small kitchen slicer (AR37) – a stand or block

Mini File Dagger (F2) – to have this handle ripped off and a nicer one put on. I was hoping that the Argentina Lignum Vitae would look prettier once it was polished up. The plan is to rip this off and replace it with ebony or one of the many red woods.

And in the handle-less category:

Cleaver – good progress, needs quenching and grinding and handle work, and…. But I
like the shape its in.

Large Dagger (AR32) – The handle is cut out, the scratches pretty much gone from the blade, needs the handle to be attached, shaped etc… an edge, a sheath.

Revised Henkel Santoku – reshaped, and requenched, and reshaped again due to the reaction to quenching. A much smaller knife now. And of course… it needs a handle again.

Puukku’s 1 and 2 – Quenched, still need grinding and handle work, and sheathes of course.

And thats all for now folks...


NJJ said...

Wow, it's all looking really awesome. Were you looking to sell the machete, by the way?

As for the lignum vitae, how about sanding it down and giving it a coat of cherry oil?


A. Ringia said...

Once I get a few more scratches out, I'd be happy to sell the machete of course :)
Real LV doesn't absorb oil very well since it is so waxy, and polishes to a high shine. I haven't tried a finish on this (the argentina version).
Got a quote on the makers stamp: $186. I might try to make one myself for that price.