Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feast and Famine

As is frequently the case, a period of high productivity is followed by a period of low productivity. Such is the case with Hangedmandesigns at the moment. Just after Erica and Autumn made it home from Savannah, we headed up to Colorado for a weekend of Roller Derby, ceasing all shop related activities. It was a tiring trip, two games in two days (which meant a lot of babysitting for me), and quite a bit of driving.

I was also disappointed to find out how expensive custom tang stamps for my knives would cost $186 dollars apiece. Ouch. I could probably take an engraving class for that if I had some spare time. Maybe I will try making my own with my little diamond Dremel tool bits. I’ve got some steel that should harden to the point that it will work. Another project…Sigh.

This weekend is Erica’s birthday, and I still need to do my taxes, so I don’t expect a lot of productivity then either. And the following weekend is more Roller Derby, in Tucson. Three games, two days. I’m not sure if I will be able to go to that one. If I don’t, I will get more done, but not get to see my wife, and I’ll have to babysit. Tough call.

Anyway, I need to finish up a couple of projects soon. Mostly NJJ’s sheath, and a stand/block for Bdoodles, and if I can get some…. Ok, there are always more projects, and I want them all done now so I can start new ones.

C’est la vie… Feast and Famine.

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